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Meet Colin and Emi Richards, Owners of Carasuchi Villa Holiday Rental in Tagaytay Philippines

Carasuchi Villa Owners Tagaytay Philippines

Carasuchi Villa Owners, Colin & Emi

Click here for availability or to inquire about the Carasuchi Villa in Tagaytay.

My name is Colin and my wife, Emi, and I are are pleased to share our home with you!   First, here is a little about ourselves…

Between Emi and I, we have a combined 55 years of experience in the international Real Estate business.  Emi is Filipina and ran a Real Estate business in Kuwait, and afterwards, managed a beauty salon and spa.  I worked for HALLIBURTON and was responsible for all construction projects and Real Estate for the Middle East and Africa.

Carasuchi Villa Holiday Rental Tagaytay Philippines Pool

Enjoy the backyard with your friends and family!

Five years ago, Emi and I were married in the Philippines.  Because of Tagaytay’s excellent climate, we came here for our honeymoon.  We found the land for our home by happy accident and decided to buy it.  Since purchasing, it has blossomed into a beautiful, 3,500 sq. meter home with a pool, mini golf course and lots of fruit trees.

When it came time to retire, I had to decide between living in Asia or England.  I am originally from the UK, but since I had spent the last 35 years working overseas, the thought of retiring in Asia was very attractive go me.  Since Emi had a large family in the Philippines (5 children and 7 grandchildren) that was the obvious choice.  Now, here we are!

Carasuchi Villa Holiday Rental Tagaytay Philippines


One thing that makes our home unique is its location away from the ‘touristy’ Tagaytay.  We are located in a very quiet and clean place which is not a sub division, but along side the local people – The way we like it.  At our property, you’ll get to experience Tagaytay as a traveler, but live in the comfort of a peaceful home.  Through talking amongst other ex-pats, we have learned some of the area’s best places to visit.  For instance, we are located only 90 minutes from Makati, which is perfect for when we need it!

Carasuchi Villa Tagaytay Philippines Vacation Rental

Carasuchi Villa Living Room

If you like this home or if you will be in Tagaytay soon, you may be interested to know we recently formed the company, EMR Real Estate and Property Services, here in Tagaytay.  We will be developing other land and will open a new Salon and Spa next month.

Hope to see you sometime in Tagaytay!

Colin & Emi Richards

Click here for availability or to inquire about the Carasuchi Villa in Tagaytay.  See more of this property on its Facebook Page or in the gallery below.

2 Responses to “Meet Colin and Emi Richards, Owners of Carasuchi Villa Holiday Rental in Tagaytay Philippines”

  1. Fay Hillary P. Albis

    How much is the rate for an overnight stay at Villa Carasuchi? inclusive of rooms and pool, good for 10persons. Thank you! and Godbless!


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