Our Journey of Renovating a Village in the Italian Alps

Our restaurant

Hi, I am Jennie - Owner at Locanda degli elfi albergo
Hi, I am Jennie – Owner at Locanda degli elfi albergo

My name is Jennie and I live in one of the least densely populated areas of Italy. Our guesthouse is located in the Maura Valley at the edge of the Italian Alps in Piedmont.

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I used to be a manager in a small textile company with my own office in Edinburgh and I traveled worldwide visiting clients and attending meetings. Unfortunately, during this time I fell ill with a cancer but at the time I thought I was just too stressed and suffered from jet lag.

Our restaurant
Our restaurant

So I decided to come here to Pret Canosio to be close to my parents and open a bed and breakfast.  My parents had a house located in the village and I used to go trekking in the Maira valley with my father.  So I am very familiar with all the hiking trails and sites in this area.  It was very comforting to see my father looking out the window and smile at me as I went hiking through the Maira Valley. At that time the b/b was very small so we bought another ruined house and renovated that one too, creating a small, cozy restaurant.  Little by little we purchased other abandoned buildings within the village and began renovating every house ourselves we purchased all with our own savings.  It was a big effort, but this area  attracts our passion and holds us here.

Hiking Trails
Hiking Trails

This area is relatively undeveloped compared to the rest of Italy. We are located in the western part of the Cottian Alpes along the border of France and Italy.  The main activies in this area are hiking and skiing.

It is the people who come and stay really give back to us , so our passion has kept developing!

Thank you for this opportunity! Jennie

Lounge area
Lounge Area

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