Taking care of my family heritage on Lake Como Italy by Francesco Pini

Taking care of my family heritage on Lake Como Italy by Francesco Pini

I grew up as a child living in the Lake Como area. My father was head chef at the Grand Hotel in Lugano City which is a tourist area located between Switzerland and Italy.  He worked all his life at the Grand Hotel and eventually he bought this stone building as a business investment. I have kept the building and did the restoration so it now functions as Cadenabbia holiday apartments on the western shore of Lake Como . The first restoration was the  Azalea apartment which occurred in 2007 and two years later I restored the Glicine apartment.

Today, I live in Genoa where I work for an in Italian Motorway Company as part time job ( for 13 days monthly). On my  free days I buy and sell stocks on the stock market.  In my free time I handle the marketing for my property on Lake Como.
When you arrive at the property on Lake Como you will meet  Mrs. Fiammetta, who works with me  to manage the apartments. She is always available in case of emergencies and to answer any questions. She also arranges for the pickup of the key for incoming guests. She also handles the cleaning of the apartment.
The Glicine Apartment is located on the first floor and has the typical italian popular traditional style of buildings that surround Lake Como; with the use of  wood floors in the living areas and stone flooring in the kitchen and bathroom.  We also valued the stone  on the wall in the lounge where discovered a  picture of flower into the stone. The Glicine Apartment on Vacations-Abroad.com



The Azalea apartment is located on the second floor and is  a more aristocratic apartment with many elegant decorations in the ancient lounge and bedrooms. The color combinations in the apartment represent the hues of  flowers found in the public and private gardens found along the shores of Lake Como. The Azalea apartment on Vacations-Abroad.com
Lake Como is noted for its great beauty and dramatic surroundings. A holiday on the shores of Lake Como provides you with an opportunity to  relax and discover a faboulus landscape in the spring and summer without forgetting its white color for the snow at the top of the mountanis in the winter.
I liked to offer all foreign  travelers these two beautiful accommodations where they can enjoy the lake atmosphere while surrounded by elegance, charm and history of Lake Como.
Along the shores of Lake Como here there are many wonderful villages where you can dine and relax while enjoying the scenery.  I especially like Bellagio for its fabulous location where the lake is divided in two parts. And of course I like the village of Cadenabbia, which is the location of the apartments. This is a residencial area is a popular resort area because the village has a sheltered position and because of the numerous gardens within the area.  There is also plenty of private parking and public parking.  At Cadenabbia you find the ideal atmosphere to talk with nature, to relax with nature , to sleep with the silence of nature and to live with the sounds of nature.
Villa del Balbianello at Lenno.
Villa del Balbianello at Lenno.

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