France is known for great wines: and the Maury Wine Trail in Languedoc France is no exception

Vinyards along the Maury Wine Trail in Languedoc France

Southern France is lined with ancient stone villages that have existed for centuries. Most villages are surrounded by wineries and vineyards creating a woven tapesty that change colors with the seasons.  In the valleys of the Pyrenees Mountains the roads wind along rivers, vineyards and villages.

Life is simple in the villages and most industries focus on the wine industry.  Each village has their own wine cooperative where the smaller vineyards bring their current grape harvest.  The local cooperative then processes and bottles the wine.  The local wine is then sold through the local wine cooperative.

The larger vineyards market and sell their own wine under a private lable. And as you travel through the villages in the Maury Wine area you will see huge vats on porches or inside the doorway of warehouses waiting for that moment when the wine is ready for market.

Harvest Season in Languedoc
Harvest Season in Languedoc France

Harvest season everyone has a job. The local vineyards will hire anyone who wants to work and the roads are filled the sounds of laughter and families handpicking the grapes.

Mas Amiel Winery
Mas Amiel Winery

Although there are several types of wines found in Languedoc France, one of the most famous is the Maury AOC.  This wine is noted for its strong sweet taste similar to Brandy. There are rigid requirements for a wine to be granted the Maury AOC label.  One of the well know wineries in Maury is Mas Amiel and as you travel along the Maury Wine Trail, you will see the logo in the vineyards.

4 Comments on “France is known for great wines: and the Maury Wine Trail in Languedoc France is no exception

    • I read the book
      Languedoc-Roussillon: The Wines & Winemakers Hardcover
      by Paul Strang
      before I went. It profiles many of the winemakers and gives an in depth look at some of the major winemakers and their wines.

  1. A long time ago I went to LeMans then took the train down to Beadeax for awhile then over to Cannes and Nice. I would love to go back and spend a couple of weeks in Languedoc France and try the Maury AOC.

  2. Languedoc is a great region to visit and I often drink their wines, such as Corbieres. Merci, too, for visiting and following my blog. Bonne Annee!

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