Skiing off the beaten path at Mt Baker Washington.

I’ve skiied on a volcano, dude. Can you beat that? Photo courtesy OuterLocal

Mt Baker is a funky ski resort and an active volcano located in the cascade mountain ranges of Washington State. As an active glacial volcano it reaches 10,781 ft and is known for having more ice and snow than many of the other glacial volcanos in the area, with the exception of Mt Ranier.  The surrounding area consists of  2,561,454 acres of wilderness area known as the Mount Baker – Snoqualmie National Forest. And the Mt Baker ski resort is found within that park.

Access to the ski resort is located 30 miles down a dead end road from the small town of Glacier Washington. If you are looking for glitz, glamor and fancy casinos to party after skiing all day, you won’t find them at the slopes of Mt Baker. And neither will you find accommodations in the ski resort.  Instead, you will have to trek back each evening to the metropolitan town of Glacier, population 330.  Relaxing in the evenings is limited to soaking in a rustic hot tub that comes with the chalet you rented and enjoying the starlit skies. And there is no cell phone service or internet access in the ski resort.  Now do we have your attention?

The Mt Baker ski resort is a snowboard haven and known for the Legendary Baked Slalom snowboard race. In snowboard lingo ” It is the mother of all snowboard races”. And on its list of winners are some of the biggest names in snowboard history. Each year in February the race is held in the resort and afterwards everyone gathers around a big bonfire to celebrate the winners, the event and being in Mt Baker.

The Mt Baker ski resort is not located on the Mount Baker glacier but it is located between the two glacial massifs; Mount Baker at 10,781 ft and Mount Shuksan at 9,131 ft. The uniqueness of the Mt Baker ski resort is that you are allowed to go back country and you are allowed to exit the ski resort for snow adventures in the surrounding wilderness with one caveat; you must take avalanche gear which consists of an avalanche transceiver and shovel plus always travel with a partner.

Advantages of Skiing at Mt Baker

Mt Baker Vacation Rentals

Average Snowfall: 701 inches
Ski Season: November thru April

Photo courtesy OuterLocal

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