Sometimes the travel experience is about the people you meet

Meeting the wine maker and wine tasting.

One of the best experiences while traveling are the people you meet and the friends you make.

Have you ever been to a winery where  the Vintner tells you the story of their vineyards?


About the different wines and the type of soil that is necessary for growing the wine.


About how the family works together to bring the final product to fruition?


You immediately feel as if you have been let in on their little secret about what makes their wine so special.


You feel like you have discovered something that will make your friends jealous; or even better, knowledge that will enhance your status as a connoisseur of wine.


And all of a sudden, the Vintner becomes your best friend.. 


This is what Kari Haugeto, of Away is Home,  said when she described her family experience of visiting the Klur Wine Estate in Riquewihr Alsace. 


The Klur Wine Estate is a small organic winery located in the valley that flows between Riquewihr and Katzenthal Alsace.  In the midst of the Requewihr vineyards, they have several small cottages.  And their wine tasting room is located a few steps away.

And they would love to share their lifestyle with you.  Next time you come to Alsace France.


Planning your dream trip to Alsace and looking for a hotel or cottage?  Here are some of our properties in  Alsace France to help you plan that special vacation. 

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