What type of education is best for children? Real life or book learning

What a beautiful fireplace at Chateau Bondons.

The dilemma.

I write about travel for a living.

I have a wife and three kids.

How can I mesh these different aspects of my life?

Chris Elliot of National Geographic Travel , Washington Post, and USA today, had his life seemingly going in different directions.

So he and Kari, his wife, made a decision.

Let's home school the children while we travel. Let's expose them to culture, history and geography first hand.

After a visit to Paris, they stopped for a brief respite at one of our luxury hotels just on the outskirts of the city.   They stayed at Chateau des Bondons, an 18th century chateau that today is functioning as a boutique hotel. The chateau that has been passed down through different family owners over the years and today it covers several acres and is draped in history from another era.

The Elliot family is proving that you can travel with children and their lives will be enriched and enhanced with the experience and they will have fun.


Planning your dream trip to Paris and looking for a hotel or apartment?  Here are some of our properties to help you plan that special vacation.

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