What makes Molokai different from the other Hawaiian Islands?

Wave Crest Condo Building

The Challenge

Benjamin & Charli, AKA the Wanderlusters, are doing what many of us dream of doing. They are traveling around the world, one continent at a time. Their adventure started in the UK, and next they spent two years in New Zealand photographing the natural wonders of that region.

On their return voyage they passed over Hawaii.

I asked if they would stop in at Molokai to give me a first hand report about the Molokai condo listing on Vacations-Abroad.com.

They said yes. And, I think they had fun.

Here is a list of their favorite and totally unique things things to do on Molokai.


  1. Watching the palm trees sway in the wind.
  2. Swimming with the turtles.
  3. Counting the clouds that go sailing by.
  4. Seeing the stars light up the sky at night.
  5. Listening to the waves crash on the beach while you fall asleep.
  6. Enjoying your morning cup of coffee on a porch overlooking the ocean.
  7. Shopping for organic vegetables.
  8. Fishing for your own supper.
  9. Swimming laps in the oceanfront pool.
  10. Feeling the sand crunch beneath your feet as you walk barefoot along the beach.
  11. Researching all the possible colors of blue and turquoise.
  12. Staying at the Wave Crest condo from Vacations-Abroad
Where can you go in Hawaii to find that unique authentic experience? Answer: Molokai.

So when planning your next vacation, think of Molokai .  The island  offers you the opportunity to enjoy authentic Hawaiian culture and scenery but away from the more exploited tourist areas.  You can still experience Hawaii’s  beautiful beaches and amazing views but far from the maddening crowds.

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