Where is the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia

The West Coast Wilderness Lodge located along the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia Canada.

The Challenge:

The Sunshine Coast stretches along the southern coast of British Columbia and can only be reached via ferries and or float planes.  Vacations-Abroad asked The Legendary Adventures of Anna  to provide us with a first hand report about the West Coast Wilderness Lodge that is located in this beautiful rugged wilderness, surrounded by nature and amazing views.   Navigating to the lodge is an experience in itself, but well worth the effort for a memorable and a unique vacation.


Here is a list of totally unique and fun things Anna found to do on her journey.

Experiencing scenic flights over the Sunshine Coast.

Finding a purple starfish.

Enjoying great views

and delicious food.

And returning every evening to relax in a wonderful room.

Winter Rates range from $110-$180

Spring Rates range from $139-$260

Summer Rates range from $174-$325

Fall Rates range from $139-$260

Rates are in Canadian dollars.

More information about the lodge, click here.

Their wonderful hot tub
Their wonderful hot tub


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