Glastonbury Festival – A musical feast of history and culture

Fireworks add drama to the festival

The first Glastonbury Festival was held during 1971 on a dairy farm in Somerset England (near Bath).  And tickets were 1 GPB and all the farm milk you could drink.   The instigator of this famous festival is a local dairy farmer, Michael Eavis, who held the festival on his dairy farm. He had the land and decided to hold a music festival during the summer solstice.  One of the first performers was the band ,” The Kinks”.  A total of 1500 people attended the event. The first year  the festival was small but the second year he had Traffic, Melanie, David Bowie, and Joan Baez as performers. As the festival grew, he decided to dedicate the profits to altruistic local charities.

1278059361_CrowdaOver the years the proceeds of the festival have been used to fund various charities.  One of better known non profits  funded by the festival was “Children’s World” a charity started by Arabella Spencer Churchill, granddaughter of Sir Winston Churchill.  Arabella lived in Somerset in the same area as Michael Eavis.  At this time the festival was called the “Glastonbury Fayre”.

With the 80’s the name of the festival changed to “Glastonbury Festival” and the funding generated by the festival was allocated to “Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament”.   The festival had reached an attendance of 18,000 in the early 80’s to 40,000 during 1985.  It was decided that the current farm could not hold the number of attendees and an adjacent farm of 100 acres was purchased.

Sometimes it is about performance art.
Sometimes it is about performance art.

By the end of the 80’s over 65,000 people were attending the event and a donation of 100,000 GPB was donated to “Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament”

The “Glastonbury festival” is a combination of performance art, musicians, acrobats and theater performers.  Over the years there is always several major performers who are the current headliners.

2015 Headliners are the Foo Fighters, Kanye West and Lionel Richie

Tickets go on sale in October for the next Glastonbury Festival in June.  Resale of cancelled tickets go on sale in April leading up to the June Festival.

Tickets sell out within 24 hours of becoming available.  2015 tickets for the Glastonbury Festival were selling at £220 + £5 booking fee

More information about the history and the 2015 Glastonbury Festival

Or perhaps you enjoy a bit of a circus environment.
Or perhaps you enjoy a bit of a circus environment.

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