Where to hit the slopes in Canada

The slopes will be packed with snow and waiting for your arrival.

Canada stretches along the northern border of the United States.  The majority of Canada’s terrain is located north of the 49th Parallel and each province has their own ski resorts, some dramatic and exclusive while others are family affairs.   The Rocky Mountains wind their way through the western provinces of British Columbia and Alberta with some of the most dramatic resorts.  Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Quebec in the eastern region have the older Appalachian mountains that form a backdrop winter activities.

British Columbia Canada

Whistler British Columbia

Whistler British Columbia Ski Slopes

Whistler-Blackcomb Ski Resort

Ski Area: 8000 Acres

Largest Vertical Drop: 5234 ft

The best thing about the Whistler-Blackcomb Ski Resort: Whistler is known as the largest ski resort in North America and was host to  2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.  With over 8000 acres included in the resort the area covers two mountains, Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain.  Whistler also has advanced on piste terrain and expert extreme terrain.  It is probably the most crowded ski slopes in the Americas offering some of the most extreme and sophisticated slopes.



Revelstoke British Columbia

Hi in the mountains of Revelstoke British Columbia

Revelstoke Ski Resort

Ski Area: 3000-3500 Acres

Largest Vertical Drop: 5620 ft.

Best thing about the Revelstoke Ski Resort: Revelstoke offers extreme skiing that includes snowcat skiing and heli skiing.  Snowcat skiing is when snowcat machines are used to access terrain unreachable via a ski lift.  Heli skiing includes accessing mountains in remote locations via a helicopter .  Heli skiing has been outlawed in Germany and France.

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Alberta Canada

Lake Louise Alberta

Enjoying the Views of Lake Loiuse

Lake Louise Ski Resort in Banff

Ski Area: 4000-4500 Acres

Largest Vertical Drop: 3150 ft.

Best thing about the Lake Louise Ski Resort in Banff:  Lake Louise has great terrain, that is challenging for skiers of all levels.  The area is surrounded by  nothing but nature and missing billboards and power lines.  It is a beautiful place to go skiing.


Banff Alberta

How fast can you fly in Banff

Banff Sunshine Village Ski Resort

Ski Area: 3000-3500 acres

Largest Vertical Drop: 1864 ft.

Best thing about the Banff Sunshine Village Ski Resort: This ski resort is a car-free environment surrounded by the oldest national park in Canada and  3 majestic mountains.  After a day on the slopes the most popular activities is apres skiing around rock fireplaces and visiting quaint coffee shops.

Newfoundland Canada

Marble Mountain Newfoundland

Marble Mountain Nova Scotia

Marble Mountain Resort

Ski Area: 225 Acres

Vertical Drop: 1,758

Best thing about the Marble Mountain Resort:  If downhill skiing isn’t your forte, you can get off the slopes and try snowshoeing, dog sledding, snow mobiles,  and cross country skiing.

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Ontario Canada

Blue Mountain Ontario

Enjoying the surrounding scenery of Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain Ski Resort

Ski Area: 200-500 Acres

Largest Vertical Drop: 732 Ft

Best thing about the Blue Mountain Ski Resort: The resort is popular with people from Toronto being the largest ski resort in Ontario.   Concerts and festivals during the summer with down hill skiing, tobogganing and sleigh rides for winter activities. 

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Quebec Canada

Mont Tremblant Quebec

Dog sledding in Mont Tremblant
Dog sledding in Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant Ski Resort

Ski Area: 650 Acres

Largest vertical drop: 2116 ft

The Best Thing about the Mont Tremblant Ski Resort: Mt Tremblant is located in the Laurentian mountains just north of Montreal.  The resort is surrounded by numerous hills and mountains which includes over 9,000 freshwater lakes and small charming towns where skiing and snowboarding are popular activities.  The town of Mont Tremblant has a small town atmosphere and oozing with rural French culture.

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