Running a hotel or guesthouse can be a daunting task

A Modern & Updated Hotel Room

Your guests have the need to feel indulged, pampered and taken care of…. And, sometimes it is the simple things that can change the ambiance of a hotel, guesthouse or B&B and cause an improvement in their rankings from a 1 star to a 3 or 4 star accommodation.

One of the major impressions when someone enters a hotel or guesthouse is the cleanliness of the facilities.  And with hundreds of guests coming through the premises, it can be a daunting task to make sure that the premises are constantly updated and cleaned.

Below are “Before” and “After” examples of how changes can affect the presentation of various hotel rooms.


Before: 70s styled room
After: Modern and Conteporary

Cleanliness must be continually evauluated.  Any floor carpets, hallway, entrance or area rugs see continual and high volume traffic and will accumulate dirt and grime over time.  The carpets become so unsanitary and worn that even steam cleaning the carpet won’t help.  The only alternative is replacing the carpets to make sure your premises have a good foundation.  Remember, your clients comfort is very important and their sensory experience of the hotel will affect their happiness and comfort while staying in your property.

Decor is sometimes overlooked by the management without realizing the effect of the style and ambiance of the premises.  The rooms can be stuck in the 1970’s with styles that are no longer popular. Dated bedding linen with comforters from another era and sheets that are worn and frayed can also contribute to  an unappetizing atmosphere.  This is perhaps one of the simpler tasks that can make dramatic improvement in your hotel and make the guests enjoy the facilities.

Dated carpets, linens and walls
Before: Dated carpets, linens and walls
After: Softer color and ambiance

Walls may need a new coat of paint. The wallpaper may have become dated, worn and peeling.  Styles change with time and your rooms should also.  Another simple modification to your rooms are the lighting fixtures which can change the atmosphere of a room garish to soft and inviting.

Mold and mildew thrive where humidity and heat are prevalent.  They can also contribute to an unhealthy smell enveloping the premises and causing guests to not enjoy their stay.  There can also be health issues associated with mold or mildew circulating in the heating or air system. Due to the unhealthy aspects of mold and mildew, all air conditioning systems and bath rooms must be continually checked.

Before: Dated design
Before: Boring Bedroom
After: Warm and Inviting Bedroom

The images above were before and after photos from the Travel Channel Series Hotel Impossible.


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