New Zealand: Places to visit and things to see

90 Miles Beach Sunset

The longest beach in New Zealand

90 Mile Beach is a famous stretch of beach that is located on New Zealand’s northern island on and stretches on the west coast of the North Island.   To the Maori, the area has a spiritual significance .  And who would not agree with such a beautiful landscape. The beach also forms a rustic type of road where you can drive all the way up to Cape Reinga, with the waves and ocean on one side and the sand dunes sending trails of sandy wind.   The actual length is not 90 miles, it is 55 miles and the trip is worth the experience.

Northland Vacations

The most beautiful mountain of New Zealand

Lake Pukaki & Mount Cook
Lake Pukaki & Mount Cook – South Island

New Zealand has a mountain range named the Alps and they run the length of the Southern Island.  Within the mountain range you will find New Zealand’s tallest mountain Mount Cook which rises dramatically to 3,724 metres.  But within the mountain range you will find 27 other mountains that have a height that exceeds 3,000 meters.  The area is also known as one of the designated International Dark Sky Reserve, which means it is the perfect place for star gazing.  Running the length of Mount Cook is  Lake Pukaki is a beautiful blue glacial lake.   This astounding scenery was used as the location for filming of the ‘Lake-town’ in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

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The most bizarre landscape in New Zealand

Tongariro National Park & the Emerald Lakes – North Island

The Tongariro National Park is one of extreme landscapes.  Within the park are three active volcanoes, Ruapehu,  Ngauruhoe and Tongariro.  The volcanoes are still considered active with the last eruption occurring in 2012.  Surrounding the volcanoes are the Emerald Lakes which were formed by the volcanic activity.  The area was made sacred by the Maori in 1887 with the dedication of the area by the Maori chief Te Heuheu Tukino IV.  New Zealand is noted for its numerous volcanoes and are believed to be a result of the movement between the Indo-Australian and the Pacific Plates.   There are volcanoes found on both the North and South Island, but the only active volcanoes are found on the North Island. The region lays within the Pacific Ring of Fire, which stretch from the South Pacific to South America.  Today the Tongariro National Park is a popular hiking trail.

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The oldest botanical garden in New Zealand

Wellington Botanical Gardens
Wellington Botanical Gardens – North Island

Located within the city limits of Wellington is New Zealand’s oldest botanical garden.  Established in 1868, the park and gardens cover 25 hectares or 62 acres of gardens.  It is located near the main historic and financial area of Wellington and is a popular walking area as the park has numerous hiking paths and trails.  On the premises you will find the Lady Norwood Rose Garden and Begonia House.  The Begonia House is noted for its begonias, ferns, orchids, bromeliads, cyclamen and impatiens.  The Rose Garden and Begonia house were built with funds donated by Lady Norwood and Sir Charles Norwood, who were former Mayor and Mayoress of Wellington.

The delicious wine region of New Zealand

Marlboro Wine Region
Marlborough Wine Region – South Island

Marlborough is known as New Zealand’s premier wine destination with almost 80% of the wine produced in New Zealand originating from this specific area.   The majority of the wine consists of a Savignon Blanc, followed by Chardonnay and Riesling wines.  The wine region is located on the Southern Island near Blenheim.  In this region you will find over 65 different wineries.

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