Exotic and Cosmopolitan Bali Indonesia

Beautiful Kuta Beach

There are probably more reasons to vacation in Bali than anywhere on earth.  A unique natural beauty is just the first one.

The venue of the Julia Roberts’ flick “Eat, Pray, Love,” was set in Bali.  The island is well known among tourists for its magnificent beaches, marvelous weather, soul-stirring temples, sumptuous culinary, and excellent shopping experience. The Indonesian island is home to nearly 4 million people, most of them adherents of Balinese Hinduism, who have played the major role in developing Bali into the pulsating heart of highly developed arts. It is a destination where cultural activities thrive, including dancing, painting, sculpture, woodcarving, and music, creating a party-like environment in the cities.

Bali’s breathtaking landscape is a stretch of thickly forested hills, interspersed by luscious paddy fields, encircled by transparent turquoise beaches, and immersed in a calm that could only remind you of paradise. Denpasar, the largest city and capital is situated near the southern coast. There the tourism infrastructure is well developed, with excellent roads and luxurious lodging facilities, and tons of activities for tourists: from surfing to sightseeing and from cycling to scuba diving.

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Away from the bustling cities, the real charm of Bali reveals itself at dozens of beach and resort areas that surround the island.

The landscape can be breathtakingly beautiful with white sand beaches, crystal clear ocean and emerald coastline are common features.

Kuta is located along the southwestern coast and is known as party central.  Long stretches of stunning beaches are lined with plenty of activity and include beach vendors and sun worshipers.  Kuta’s amazing beaches have been a major draw to tourists  over the years and it originally became famous for the numerous backpackers that relished in their own unique party scene ; all of which are the hallmarks of Kuta.  The Indian Ocean’s long and consistent waves make it a favorite surf spot, particularly for beginners.

Dining on Kuta Beach

Seminyak is located on the main southwest coast of Bali and is more sophisticated and focuses on the high end market.  Seminyak is where you go to be indulged, whether it is high end spas or high end restaurants.  The atmosphere is quieter and the evening sunsets are considered an opportune time to enjoy dinner on the beach watching the fading colors over the ocean.  The Pura Petinget is a Balinese temple that is located in Seminyak which hosts beach side ceremonies.  

Seminyak Bali
Seminyak Bali

Those who have been to Canggu say it is more a state on mind than a place.  Located 7 miles north of the festivities of Kuta, Canggue offers a much more secluded and relaxing environment for beach activities and dining.  The beach is noted for its black pebbles and numerous expatriates enjoy living in the area as it is a bit more laid back and the atmosphere of being surrounded by the numerous rice paddies is an additional ambiance benefit.

Canggu Beach
Canggu Beach


The beaches of Nusa Dua are a beautiful long stretches of white sand.  The most popular beach is possibly Greger Beach.  Nusa Dua can either refer to the entire eastern side of the Bukti Peninsula at the southern tip of Bali, or it can refer to the enclave large 5-star resorts towards the south of the area.  Greger Beach is the splendid white sand public beach in the area, where a cool eastern sea breeze and warm waters create the perfect atmosphere to swim and hang out.

Situated on the southeastern coastline of Bali is  the village of Sanur which is older more laid back and has a wonderful paved bike path that extends along the beach.  Sanur is also the location where you go to plan your dive outings as almost all the dive operators are located in this area.   The town also has the “Pura Blanjong Temple” which tells the story of arrival of the Java King in the 10th century.


On the whole, Bali has plenty of everything to offer as a tourist destination, from famous surfing beaches to tropical forests and paddy fields, and from lofty volcanoes to cities bursting with culture and festivity. Best of all, it’s great value for money. So, when are you booking your trip?  Visit all our Bali Properties when planning your trip.

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