How my site evolved

I did not start out in life planning to have a career in travel.  My father worked for Halliburton Services, and my early childhood was spent in the jungles, oil fields and political revolutions of Venezuela.  We lived in a workers camp and I was sent to an American school that was provided for the workers.   The life outside of our camp, seemed very exotic and alluring in my imagination.

My father was transferred back to Duncan Oklahoma, which is the hometown of Halliburton.  Oklahoma’s landscape had oil rigs intermingled with the cows that were grazing the land.  We stayed in Oklahoma for several years and I got to spend time and get to know my Grandparents who lived in Duncan. It was an idyllic small town environment.

Eventually my father was transferred to England (something about the oil fields in the North Sea)  and the whole family went with him.  The whole family consisted of my mother and myself.  The main thing I remember about living in England and going to the private all girls school was the amount of freedom that I experienced.  I could ride my bike or take a train to almost any reasonable destination and there was never any fear that I would be abducted or assaulted.

Our family eventually returned to the United States and we settled in Dallas Texas; which was now the corporate headquarters for Halliburton.  And my mother began working as a teacher in Carrollton with students who were part of the special education system.

In high school and college, nothing really attracted my fancy.  And I floundered trying to find an interest.

Eventually, while in college I hit on Monetary and International Economics, Mathematics and Political Science as interesting subjects to pursue.  And I graduated with honors and was chosen as “Whose Who in American Colleges & Universities”.  But those degrees were not terribly marketable in the business world so I took additional courses while working and eventually obtained my CPA license in Texas.

About this time some friends of mine had moved to Foster City California which is just south of San Francisco.  I decided that it sounded like I needed to visit them and it would be the perfect destination with a bit more culture than what I had not found in Dallas. So off I went, with no job and only some temporary living arrangements being provided by my friends.  Within a month I had found a job working as an accountant with Ferrostall Metals, a German Steel Brokerage company.

Finally, I was living the life I loved.  I worked with some interesting and very intense Germans. I shared a house in beautiful artistic city of Mill Valley overlooking some amazing views.  The scenery of Northern California is beautiful and so serene that no matter where you are, you will feel a sense of contentment and happiness.

But Ferrostall Metals eventually relocated to Houston Texas and so I took a job as a Senior Accountant with Marathon Reality, which was owned by the Canadian Pacific Railroad and developed real estate in the “South of Market” region of San Francisco.

Marathon Realty eventually sold off their real estate holdings and I was again looking for a job.  This time I thought that if I did something on my own, I would not have to endure any more corporate reorganizations. I started my own company

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