How San Francisco Influenced My Life

Taking a boat ride in San Francisco Bay. I am the one with the "Bug Glasses".

When I relocated to San Francisco, I had to find a place to stay and fast.  Looking in the local newspapers I found an ad for someone wanting to share accommodations.  Her name was Paula and she had a company that focused on throwing parties and proving a variety of entertainment.  She had a small son to boot, but together we rented a house in Mill Valley with an upstairs balcony with amazing views.  The house was surrounded by Eucalyptus trees.  Mill Valley is located north of San Francisco in Marin County.  At the time it was a quaint village with an artistic environment.  The main attraction in the village was  a hole in the wall music venue named the “Sweetwater”.  The “Sweetwater” was a combination of Bar, Café and Music Hall and every Saturday night the crowds would arrive to enjoy some of the best music in Northern California.  Next door to the “Sweetwater” was a type of spa which included wooden hot tubs along with some great back massages.  So you could alternate between a great massage or a night listening to some rock and roll music or both.

Paula was and is an entrepreneur and had a company that performed a lot of services; she catered parties and arranged tours of San Francisco.  There was always something going on.  One party she catered was for a wealthy Nob Hill bachelor.  I went along, passing myself off as a photographer.  It was a fun way to attend a Nob Hill party.    Paula and I became good friends and I learned about her life.  She stood close to 6 feet tall and has a personality just as big.  In her younger years she had been a world backgammon champion.  She had also been married to Peter Caddy a fairly well known new age guru.

Life was good if a bit unpredictable.  But I really enjoyed San Francisco and the Bay Area.  I loved the weather, it was much cooler than living in Texas.  And the people were interesting.  No dull personalities to be found.

I joined some local groups that focused on International Business where I met my future husband, Brian.  We had a lot of similarities.  We both had studied Economics in College and our birthdays were close together.  He came from a good family.

I have recently been thinking about what motivated me to become an entrepreneur.   Everyone in my family had worked for a corporation or a government agency.  No one had ever gone into business on their own.

And I think one of the reasons I went into business for myself was because of his family.  They were all entrepreneurs.  His father had a prominent foreign currency company in downtown San Francisco and his step mother was a psychiatrist with a private clientele.  His uncle at one time had been a Nasa scientist and also was a major real estate developer in California.  His uncle’s wife worked as an fine art painter.  None of them had a 9 to 5 job and they were all successful.

And so I decided to start my own company.  And opened an office on Union Street, a California neighborhood with great restaurants and plenty of art galleries.

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