Have You Ever Wanted to Get Away From It All?

Joe and I decided to take a break and go somewhere to relax for a few days. And of course we had to take the rest of the family along which included Robbie, a 14 pound ball of fur in the form of a small miniature poodle.  The parameters for the excursion were that the property needed to be within driving distance from Atlanta and pet friendly.

Searching through my site, Vacations-Abroad,  I found a property that seemed ideal.  It was located in Landrum South Carolina.  It was a large Bed and Breakfast with additional pet friendly cottages located on the premises.  Landrum is a small town with a population of approximately 2,500 people.  It also has several antique shops in the downtown area along with a couple of good restaurants.

The property where we stayed is surrounded by 160 acres of maple tress and rolling hills and utter silence.  The silence was shocking; no cars and only 3-4 people on the property.  That was the main impression that engulfs you when you stay on the property.  A peaceful existence with nature.  Joe and I rented a small cottage for 3 nights and the outside world seemed to disappear.  There were no sounds with the exception of when a car drove down their private road on the premises, which were few and far between and then you could hear the crunch of the gravel under the tires. The only other sounds you would hear during the day were the sounds of horse hoofs knocking against the road as a group of riders went horseback riding.  It was total bliss where you can unwind, read a book and experience the sound of silence.

The owners of the property even drove an electric car that contributed to the peaceful surroundings.

This is the Landrum South Carolina Property on Vacations-Abroad.com

The cottage where we stayed.
The perfect place to escape.
The cottage where we stayed.
The cottage where we stayed.

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