Updated the Review System for My Site

Yesterday my programmer, Andrew, and I worked on upgrading the property review system for the website. The previous version of reviewing a property was fairly simple; you could write a review and give it a rating.

The upgraded version includes a lot more bells and whistles. In addition to the main review section, you can now upload 10 photos from your trip and write a caption for each of the photos.
We spent the day working on the sizing and layout of the photos. And also included the star rating of the property on the city page. So the visitor / traveler can see the stars rating.

After the system was in place, I went back and found photos taken by travel bloggers who I asked to visit various listings on the site. I uploaded their photos under my name and referenced their trip to the property.

I am going to list the properties where a travel blogger visited.
If you want to see the photos: click on the property link, then click on the review section

Katzenthal Alsace France

Siena Tuscany Italy

Whistler British Columbia Canada

Screenshot of Whistler B&B property with new review & photo function.
Screenshot of Whistler B&B property with new review & photo function.

Sunshine Coast British Columbia Canada

If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see in a review. Let me know in the comment section below.

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