Charming Croatia Villages & Cities

The village of Rovinj Croatia along the Istra Peninsula.


Croatia is an eastern European country that is known for it’s numerous islands and long rugged coastline that stretches along the eastern side of the Adriatic, facing Italy.  There are over 1,000 islands that contribute to the geography of Croatia.  Many of the islands are uninhabited.  The coastline extends for over 3,600 miles. Here is a list of a few of the beautiful villages of Croatia.

  • Rovinj is a charming fishing village with cobblestone streets that is located on northern coast of the Istra Peninsula.  The town is surrounded by 14 islands that fall within it’s jurisdiction and make a great opportunity for a day of sailing.
  • Split is located on the Dalmatian coast and is on a peninsula that extends into the the Adriatic Sea.  It is famous for it’s 4th century Diocletian’s Palace and numerous beaches.  It is one of the larger cities in Croatia with a population reaching 180,000.
  • Brac Island is a popular tourist destination because of it’s white stones.  The beaches are covered in these white pebbles with the most famous beach being Zlatni Rat. And is was these white stones that were used to build the Diocletian’s Palace which is located at Split.
  • Trogir is an island that is located off the coast of the Croatian mainland.  The island has  a 13th century Medieval town with cobbled streets in the midst of numerous historic palaces and structures.
  • Ciovo is island that is located very close to the mainland of Croatia and located in the Adriatic Sea just off the coast from Trogir.  The island is a popular destination because of it’s numerous and quite beautiful beaches: Kava Beach and Arbanija are great towns where you can grab a water taxi and go exploring the coastal areas.
  • Nin is located on the western coast of mainland of Croatia.  It has a population of 2,700 and the town extends along 5 miles of beautiful beaches. It also has a unique historic city center that was once the center for a medieval Christian Bishopric.
  • Mljet is situated in the southern region and offers the opportunity to explore acres of a wild natual forest that covers the island and Mljet National Park.

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