Exploring the Douro Valley Portugal – famous for their port wines.

The hilly landscape of the Douro Valley Portugal

The Douro Valley of Portugal is the true home of the famous Port Wine.  The wine region was established many centuries earlier and is ready to share with its visitors the old secrets of wine making, though various types of wine tours, vineyards tours and lunches, gourmet local food and wine tastingDouro Valley is universally recognized as one of the regions producing the best and finest wines on earth and is classified UNESCO World Heritage Site. See below some of the oldest and most interesting wineries – quintas.

The oldest Port wine producer, Croft Port,  has been in existence since 1588 and is known as the inventor of the rosé Port.  Croft Port has their main headquarters Quinta da Roeda. Having an almost half millennia history, the owner of Quinta da Roeda prouds with its rare collection of Vintage Ports, wood aged tawnies that passed the test of time. An authentic and unique vineyard experience waits for you here, together with Port wine tours, Roeda vineyard tours and other unforgettable activities dedicated to wine lovers, such as grapes foot-treading. Also enjoy a gorgeous landscape and the magnificent panorama of the Douro River.

Claiming to incorporate “the true spirit of Douro Valley” Quinta da Pacheca, dates back to 1738.  It is one of the most famous and one of the oldest wineries in Douro and among the first to bottle wine under its own brand. Quinta da Pacheca hosts the international awards winner “Wine House Hotel” an emblematic entity for the ‘tourism of charm’ specific to Douro, specialized in oenological and gastronomic tourism. During your visit, you will be able to experience wine tasting in its own home, winery tours, local food flavor, wine courses and discover the process of winemaking and the history behind the scene.

The largest winery in the Douro Region is without doubt Quinta das Carvalhas.  And thanks to its privileged position on the mountain of Carvalhas and the scenery surrounding the vineyard it is considered to present dramatic images that are found on postcard of Douro Valley.  The Quintana das Carvalhas is a jewel among vineyards, with a positioned on the left side of the Douro River lining to Pinhão and on the Rio Torto’s right bank, with the guest house of Casa Redonda right on top, visible from all surroundings.  Some of the best wine tours are organized at Quinta das Carvalhas, together with never forgettable wine tasting sessions during which fine wines like Douro DOC White wine, Douro DOC Red wine and Superior Tawny Port Wine are to be enjoyed.

Among the first vineyards opened for public visits in the region, Quinta do Panascal pioneered also in offering audio guides for the wineries and vineyards, allowing tourists to wander in their rhythm through this fairy tale landscape of Távora River during a very educational and original tour. Having a prestigious, bicentenary history behind, Quinta do Panascal and Fonseca company are producing the “Bentley” in terms of Port wine, made with the highest passion by true enthusiasts for the connoisseurs.

Besides all traditional activities offered to visitors like Port wine tasting or workshops, you can enjoy here also boat trips on the Távora and Douro rivers, archery, canoeing, mini challengers or traditional games.

A character winery, erected on a superb terroir on the Douro River, reflecting the history of a family and the projection of a dream, Quinta do Pôpa, shows the intimacy and the passion for wines passed from generation to generation. This is one of the most appreciated quintas by tourists and offers among the most wonderful wine experiences in Duoro area, delivering delightful endeavours as winery individual guided tour, wine tasting, wine blending, wine pairing, local gastronomy products, wine brunch, lunches in the vineyard.

Two and half centuries of traditional wine making, Quinta Nova is considered to be “One of the most beautiful sceneries in the country”. The main attractions of this area are: 1) the Quinta Nova Luxury Winery House – a nineteenth century manor, among the firsts Portuguese wine hotels, gifted with splendid panoramas over the river and vineyard.  2)Mirabilis Grand Reserva White – a valuable wines collection; “The Wine Studio” – a traditional winery. 3) Conceitus Winery Restaurant – a favorite in the region for its exceptional local dishes. The hosts receive their guests with a special selection of activities like: winemaker for a day, wine tasting, food tasting, one day in the crop, train tours, pedestrian trails, elicopter tours, boat tours, historical tours, golf, jeep tours and mobile spa.

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