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My favorite quotes about Thailand

Thailand’s beautiful beaches and islands contrast sharply with the teeming metropolitan cities.

My favorite quotes about India

“‎No people whose word for ‘yesterday’ is the same as their word for ‘tomorrow’ can be said to have a firm grip on the time.” ― Salman Rushdie “India is not a nation, nor a country. It is a subcontinent of nationalities.” ― Muhammad Ali Jinnah…

Exotic and Cosmopolitan Bali Indonesia

Beautiful Kuta Beach

There are probably more reasons to vacation in Bali than anywhere on earth.  A unique natural beauty is just the first one. The venue of the Julia Roberts’ flick “Eat, Pray, Love,” was set in Bali.  The island is well known among tourists for…

Expanding our footprint

Negombo Beach, Sri Lanka

The end of 2015 and going into January 2016 has been full of new challenges that I am hoping that the rest of the year will prove just as fruitful. It all started on LinkedIn, when a young guy named Tharindu from Sri Lanka…

Bali Indonesia; Culture, Dance and Villages

Bali Indonesia Architecture

 The History of Bali Culture The Island of Bali remains a cultural aberration in the predominantly Muslim Indonesia. The 17,000 plus islands that define the country of Indonesia have been influence by the Chinese and Indian cultures over the centuries. But it wasn’t until…

Singapore Canals and Boat Quay

Singapore Old and New

Singapore where old and new collide – Restaurants and old buildings located along Boat Quay on the historic Singapore Canal

The kindness of strangers in Thailand – November 2013 Newsletter

Reclining Budda at Sunset

Thailand  is a country where niceness is practically a given. Not for nothing is Thailand known as the land of the smiles.  So I’m going to tell two stories. Both involve kind strangers, and me being lost. They are both quite similar, even though…

Meet Colin and Emi Richards, Owners of Carasuchi Villa Holiday Rental in Tagaytay Philippines

Click here for availability or to inquire about the Carasuchi Villa in Tagaytay. My name is Colin and my wife, Emi, and I are are pleased to share our home with you!   First, here is a little about ourselves… Between Emi and I, we have a…

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