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England’s Majestic Gardens

The modern landscape has a secular ancestor, the venerable historic English gardens. Encompassing centuries of life, different gardening styles and mixtures, each of them has its uniqueness thanks to its past and influencers. Oasis of joy far from the city’s hustle and bustle, these…

Exploring the Douro Valley Portugal – famous for their port wines.

The hilly landscape of the Douro Valley Portugal

The Douro Valley of Portugal is the true home of the famous Port Wine.  The wine region was established many centuries earlier and is ready to share with its visitors the old secrets of wine making, though various types of wine tours, vineyards tours and lunches,…

The Gorgeous Greek Islands

Evening sky over Mykonos

Europe has a famous paradise known as the Greek islands!  Greece inherited the lion’s part of  the islands that are located in the Mediterranean Sea.  The Greek islands are in fact a huge puzzle with 1200 and 6000 islands depending on various criteria.  Each has…

Charming Croatia Villages & Cities

The village of Rovinj Croatia along the Istra Peninsula.

  Croatia is an eastern European country that is known for it’s numerous islands and long rugged coastline that stretches along the eastern side of the Adriatic, facing Italy.  There are over 1,000 islands that contribute to the geography of Croatia.  Many of the islands are…

10 Great Quotes About Scotland

The beautiful city of Edinburgh

Edinburg, the most beautiful city in Scotland.

The Tuscan Landscape Is Absolutely Beautiful

Montepulciano Tapestry

The Tuscany landscape is one of the most beautiful sites in Italy.  Rolling landscape of plowed fields, old and ancient hill towns, and churches everywhere. To view larger images, click on the thumbnails below. Planning a vacation to Tuscany Italy?  Find the perfect vacation…

Meet Glee Lamb, world traveler and owner of a townhouse in Nice France

Having dinner with Glee Lamb at the il Giallo Osteria & Bar Restaurant in Dunwoody Georgia

I met Glee Lamb several years ago here in Atlanta through the ASA (Atlanta Symphony Associates) a group which helps support and raise money for the Atlanta Symphony.  Recently we got together with our significant other for an enjoyable dinner at the restaurant il…

Shetland Islands Scotland: Ancient Viking Fire Festival in January

The coastline of the Shetland Islands of Scotland

The Shetland Islands are located 100 miles north of the mainland of Scotland with a history that is stepped in culture and traditions from the Scandanavian and Viking era.  The Shetland Islands became a part of Scotland when the King of Norway granted the…

Paris by Night

Culture, Fantasy and the soft lights of night frame the beautiful Paris Landscape The vibrant and loud Moulin Rouge  Traveling by boat at dusk along the Siene River The old and new collide at the Louvre Museum The most famous fountain in Paris, the…

The Secrets of French Wine

Sunrise over vineyards in Bordeaux France

Old World Wines Terroir is a word that is unique to France.  It represents a location where wine is produced and it gives the wine a unique identity.  The terroir is a combination of climate, geography and soil. Terroir is also the basis for…

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