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Religious Wars, Roman Towns and the Delicious Wines of Languedoc

Peyrepertuse: a cathar castle

Languedoc France is located along the Mediterranean Coast of southern France and extends to the Spanish borders.  It is a land of ancient history, political conflict, delicious wines and is also home to several UNESCO Heritage sites. Cathar Castles of Languedoc The Languedoc region…

Glastonbury Festival – A musical feast of history and culture

Fireworks add drama to the festival

The first Glastonbury Festival was held during 1971 on a dairy farm in Somerset England (near Bath).  And tickets were 1 GPB and all the farm milk you could drink.   The instigator of this famous festival is a local dairy farmer, Michael Eavis, who…

Celebration of Summer “Beltane Fire Festival” in Edinburgh

The people of Edinburgh gather each year to celebrate the changing of the seasons with the Beltane Fire Festival.  Beltane means “bright fire”.  Historically, the villages around Scotland built a bonfire on May 1st to celebrate the lengthening of the days.  The locals would…

Siena: Experiencing the Palio, Exploring the Duomo and Savoring Tuscany

The crowds waiting for race to begin.

  Siena: Politics, Alliances, and Rival Neighborhoods: Tuscany is known for it’s wine and cultured cities.  A region where the wealthy noble families exerted control over their own fiefdoms during the 13th century.  These city state republics were the foundation for today’s major cities:…

Montalcino Italy is famous for their Brunello Wine and perched on the hills overlooking Tuscany and the famous Val di Orcia

Montalcino Italy is perched on the hills overlooking Siena and their famous vineyards

Montalcino is a village perched on the hills overlooking Siena and is surrounded by vineyards that have made them famous. Their location is at the edge of the agricultural area known as Val di Orcia. The altitude and climate surrounding the village contribute to…

Sometimes the travel experience is about the people you meet

Meeting the wine maker and wine tasting.

One of the best experiences while traveling are the people you meet and the friends you make. Have you ever been to a winery where  the Vintner tells you the story of their vineyards?   About the different wines and the type of soil…

What type of education is best for children? Real life or book learning

What a beautiful fireplace at Chateau Bondons.

The dilemma. I write about travel for a living. I have a wife and three kids. How can I mesh these different aspects of my life? Chris Elliot of National Geographic Travel , Washington Post, and USA today, had his life seemingly going in…

Exploring Montepulciano Tuscany

Church in the hills leading to Montepulciano

I returned from visiting the Siena province of Tuscany recently. The purpose of my visit was to inspect properties and become familiar with the region. It is a beautiful agricultural area that is known for its wine and some of the most famous wine…

Valentine’s Day.. A celebration of Love and Romance

Venus and Cupid

Valentine’s Day has origins that go back to the era of ancient Rome. Saint Valentine was a priest during the early Roman Empire and he was martyred February 14th 269 AD for marrying Christian couples who were being persecuted by the Romans. He was…

Vintage Photos of Everyday Life in Paris during the 1950s

Atelier - An Artists Workshop

Paris street life has always been full of life and character. These vintage images give you glimpse of how styles have changed, or perhaps they haven’t changed that much.

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