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Vintage photos of Scotland and the Scottish people

7th May 1955: Jean Reynolds performs the Highlands Scotland dance and caused controversy because mainly men wore the Scottish traditional kilt.

Port Vendres and Collioure, French Mediterranean villages

Port Vendres France harbor

The dramatic beaches of Collioure France, fog rolling in over the Pyrenees mountains and the famous Collioure wine vineyards are a backdrop for the historical Château Royal de Collioure. At one time a military stronghold and palace but now a a major tourist destination…

Old Historic Church in Montalcino Italy

Old Church in Montalcino Tuscany

Old historic church in Montalcino Italy

France is known for great wines: and the Maury Wine Trail in Languedoc France is no exception

Vinyards along the Maury Wine Trail in Languedoc France

Southern France is lined with ancient stone villages that have existed for centuries. Most villages are surrounded by wineries and vineyards creating a woven tapesty that change colors with the seasons.  In the valleys of the Pyrenees Mountains the roads wind along rivers, vineyards…

Taking care of my family heritage on Lake Como Italy by Francesco Pini

Taking care of my family heritage on Lake Como Italy by Francesco Pini

I grew up as a child living in the Lake Como area. My father was head chef at the Grand Hotel in Lugano City which is a tourist area located between Switzerland and Italy.  He worked all his life at the Grand Hotel and eventually he bought this stone building as…

I have always had a passion for buildings and houses so what started as a personal hobby grew into a business

Maaike van de Pijpekamp

 My criteria for where I buy is very simple: if I want to spend time there then I know I other people will too! It would be impossible for me to market a rental house if I did not enjoy being there as well….

Our Journey of Renovating a Village in the Italian Alps

Our restaurant

My name is Jennie and I live in one of the least densely populated areas of Italy. Our guesthouse is located in the Maura Valley at the edge of the Italian Alps in Piedmont. Click here to visit our guesthouse in Piedmont Italy on I…

Meet the Owners of Borgo Santa Maria Holiday Apartments in Tuscany

Click link for availability and rates for Borgo Santa Maria in Valle My wife and I have been working  in marketing and tourism for all of our lives in Padua, where we had a base for many years.  To get out of the hustle…

Renovating an Abandoned Winery and Monastery in Languedoc Southern France by Frederic Ledent

At the age of 20, I was already saving my money with the aim of one day realizing a gite de charm (vacation home).  For years, I had been fascinated by architecture, renovation, and interior design. After my first experience managing a small family…

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