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Experiencing the culture of the Quebecois

The Quebecois culture is a blend American and rustic French culture. And the Quebecois people reminisce fondly of their roots and French heritage.

My Favorite Quotes About Airplanes and Flying

1) When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. – Henry Ford 2) That’s the thing about flying: You could talk to someone for hours and never even know his name, share…

The Blues Festival in Mont Tremblant Quebec

Mont Tremblant is a national park that is located one hour north of Montreal.  There are numerous little villages in the area.  It is a popular destination in the summer because of the lakes and in the winter people enjoy skiing.  During the summer…

Have You Ever Wanted to Get Away From It All?

Joe and I decided to take a break and go somewhere to relax for a few days. And of course we had to take the rest of the family along which included Robbie, a 14 pound ball of fur in the form of a…

Where to hit the slopes in Canada

The slopes will be packed with snow and waiting for your arrival.

Canada stretches along the northern border of the United States.  The majority of Canada’s terrain is located north of the 49th Parallel and each province has their own ski resorts, some dramatic and exclusive while others are family affairs.   The Rocky Mountains wind their…

Where is the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia

The West Coast Wilderness Lodge located along the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia Canada.

The Challenge: The Sunshine Coast stretches along the southern coast of British Columbia and can only be reached via ferries and or float planes.  Vacations-Abroad asked The Legendary Adventures of Anna  to provide us with a first hand report about the West Coast Wilderness…

September 13th Saturday Giveaway: Woodstock Vermont Bed and Breakfast

Winter in Woodstock Vermont

Located in the rural countryside surrounding Woodstock Vermont. Quaint and impeccably managed 3 bedroom bed and breakfast in the Woodstock Vermont area. The “Fan House Bed and Breakfast” has a 4 Star rating on Trip Advisor. And has received publicity in numerous magazines and…

What makes Molokai different from the other Hawaiian Islands?

Wave Crest Condo Building

The Challenge Benjamin & Charli, AKA the Wanderlusters, are doing what many of us dream of doing. They are traveling around the world, one continent at a time. Their adventure started in the UK, and next they spent two years in New Zealand photographing…

The Beach is the perfect place for a family vacation

The Beach is the perfect place for a family vacation

The Florida panhandle is a popular destination for family vacations. There is something for everyone to enjoy and it is a time to spend with your family doing group activities and just relaxing. Our Florida vacation rentals

The Tropi-Cool Cuisine of Puerto Rico By Natalia de Cuba Romero

Hot Peppers

Puerto Ricans are the Stealth bombers of the Latin world. Since so many of us have been off the island for so long and we don’t always look or speak like non-Puerto Ricans expect us to, you don’t always realize that we are flying…

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