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The US Dollar vs Foreign Currencies

The current exchange rate of foreign currencies to the US Dollar Traveling to international countries can be expensive and foreign exchange rates could be a major factor that might influence your decision regarding a destination.  That is why before you plan your trip, you…

Running a hotel or guesthouse can be a daunting task

A Modern & Updated Hotel Room

Your guests have the need to feel indulged, pampered and taken care of…. And, sometimes it is the simple things that can change the ambiance of a hotel, guesthouse or B&B and cause an improvement in their rankings from a 1 star to a 3 or…

The Do’s and Dont’s of running a small hotel

The Red Horse Inn, Landrum South Carolina USA

Hotel ambiance is a reflection of the personality of the owner There are many aspects involved in managing and running a one of a kind quaint hotel.  New owners envision themselves as being the Lord or Lady of the manor but can fail to realize all…

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