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Next Stop for Anna was Whistler British Columbia

Anna let's us know she arrived safely at the B&B in Whistler.

Anna’s next stop was the very popular ski resort of Whistler, where she stayed at a cozy little B&B on Vacations-Abroad.com.  It was the perfect opportunity for her to practice her yoga, catch up on her reading and explore the rivers and mountains of…

Anna exploring Sunshine Coast of British Columbia

Anna enjoying breakfast and amazing views

The views over the water was amazing.

Experiencing the culture of the Quebecois

The Quebecois culture is a blend American and rustic French culture. And the Quebecois people reminisce fondly of their roots and French heritage.

Where is the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia

The West Coast Wilderness Lodge located along the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia Canada.

The Challenge: The Sunshine Coast stretches along the southern coast of British Columbia and can only be reached via ferries and or float planes.  Vacations-Abroad asked The Legendary Adventures of Anna  to provide us with a first hand report about the West Coast Wilderness…

Husband and wife team passionate about the outdoors

Chris Nadeau and Isabelle Daigneault

Tremblant Living was founded in 2003 by Chris Nadeau and Isabelle Daigneault. “Our business and personal values are reflected throughout business, including; being responsible corporate citizens, respect for planet earth, honesty, trust and enjoying life while leaving a minimal trace! We are a husband/wife…

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