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Fort Walton Florida Beaches, laid back, casual and perfect for family vacations

Waiting for Dinner

Fort Walton Florida is laid back, low key and very family oriented. It has none of the flashy highrises or gated communities that are found on some of the other Florida panhandle beaches like Destin. The water is always a turquoise color which is…

St Augustine Florida destination for beach lovers, art lovers and history buffs.

St Augustine Beaches

St Augustine Florida is not your typical beach town and it has a more complicated personality depending on whether you are visiting the beaches, the historic city or the inter coastal waterway. On one side is Anastasia Island, which is a barrier island where…

Sunset at Fort Walton Florida

Some days the sunset is just too beautiful for words and all you want to do is just watch the colors disappear and the night envelop the world.

Early morning on the beaches in Miami

Miami Beach in the morning.

The beaches of Miami stretch for miles and are known as a hang out for movie stars and fitness buffs.  Early morning and no one is on the beach yet; the hotels get ready for the tourists and position their umbrellas.

Florida Panhandle is known for their white sandy beaches

Florida Beaches

Florida Panhandle is known for their white sandy beaches. The early morning sunlight colors the sky a beautiful color and the ocean is a soft turquoise.

Converting An Ugly Duckling Into a 5-Star Clearwater Beach Vacation Home

Years ago, while vacationing in Clearwater Beach, Florida, we bought this property for its coastal location: Merely a 1-2 minute stroll to the Gulf of Mexico and Clearwater Beach!  At the time, we owned a Bed and Breakfast in Pennsylvania, which became Travelers Magazine’s “INN…

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