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You are invited to presentations about France & Italy

Come and join me as I discuss the sights and attractions I have experienced during my visits to Southern France & Italy. I will be speaking at various libraries in the North Atlanta metro area – Linda Jenkins June 2018 Italy – Lake Como…

Meet Glee Lamb, world traveler and owner of a townhouse in Nice France

Having dinner with Glee Lamb at the il Giallo Osteria & Bar Restaurant in Dunwoody Georgia

I met Glee Lamb several years ago here in Atlanta through the ASA (Atlanta Symphony Associates) a group which helps support and raise money for the Atlanta Symphony.  Recently we got together with our significant other for an enjoyable dinner at the restaurant il…

The Secrets of French Wine

Sunrise over vineyards in Bordeaux France

Old World Wines Terroir is a word that is unique to France.  It represents a location where wine is produced and it gives the wine a unique identity.  The terroir is a combination of climate, geography and soil. Terroir is also the basis for…

Religious Wars, Roman Towns and the Delicious Wines of Languedoc

Peyrepertuse: a cathar castle

Languedoc France is located along the Mediterranean Coast of southern France and extends to the Spanish borders.  It is a land of ancient history, political conflict, delicious wines and is also home to several UNESCO Heritage sites. Cathar Castles of Languedoc The Languedoc region…

Sometimes the travel experience is about the people you meet

Meeting the wine maker and wine tasting.

One of the best experiences while traveling are the people you meet and the friends you make. Have you ever been to a winery where  the Vintner tells you the story of their vineyards?   About the different wines and the type of soil…

What type of education is best for children? Real life or book learning

What a beautiful fireplace at Chateau Bondons.

The dilemma. I write about travel for a living. I have a wife and three kids. How can I mesh these different aspects of my life? Chris Elliot of National Geographic Travel , Washington Post, and USA today, had his life seemingly going in…

Port Vendres and Collioure, French Mediterranean villages

Port Vendres France harbor

The dramatic beaches of Collioure France, fog rolling in over the Pyrenees mountains and the famous Collioure wine vineyards are a backdrop for the historical Château Royal de Collioure. At one time a military stronghold and palace but now a a major tourist destination…

France is known for great wines: and the Maury Wine Trail in Languedoc France is no exception

Vinyards along the Maury Wine Trail in Languedoc France

Southern France is lined with ancient stone villages that have existed for centuries. Most villages are surrounded by wineries and vineyards creating a woven tapesty that change colors with the seasons.  In the valleys of the Pyrenees Mountains the roads wind along rivers, vineyards…

Renovating an Abandoned Winery and Monastery in Languedoc Southern France by Frederic Ledent

At the age of 20, I was already saving my money with the aim of one day realizing a gite de charm (vacation home).  For years, I had been fascinated by architecture, renovation, and interior design. After my first experience managing a small family…

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