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Where is the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia

The West Coast Wilderness Lodge located along the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia Canada.

The Challenge: The Sunshine Coast stretches along the southern coast of British Columbia and can only be reached via ferries and or float planes.  Vacations-Abroad asked The Legendary Adventures of Anna  to provide us with a first hand report about the West Coast Wilderness…

Siena: Experiencing the Palio, Exploring the Duomo and Savoring Tuscany

The crowds waiting for race to begin.

  Siena: Politics, Alliances, and Rival Neighborhoods: Tuscany is known for it’s wine and cultured cities.  A region where the wealthy noble families exerted control over their own fiefdoms during the 13th century.  These city state republics were the foundation for today’s major cities:…

What makes Molokai different from the other Hawaiian Islands?

Wave Crest Condo Building

The Challenge Benjamin & Charli, AKA the Wanderlusters, are doing what many of us dream of doing. They are traveling around the world, one continent at a time. Their adventure started in the UK, and next they spent two years in New Zealand photographing…

Sometimes the travel experience is about the people you meet

Meeting the wine maker and wine tasting.

One of the best experiences while traveling are the people you meet and the friends you make. Have you ever been to a winery where  the Vintner tells you the story of their vineyards?   About the different wines and the type of soil…

What type of education is best for children? Real life or book learning

What a beautiful fireplace at Chateau Bondons.

The dilemma. I write about travel for a living. I have a wife and three kids. How can I mesh these different aspects of my life? Chris Elliot of National Geographic Travel , Washington Post, and USA today, had his life seemingly going in…

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